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Links à la Mode : The IFB Weekly Roundup

By Laura Connell · January 24, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Links à la Mode: January 21st

  • For Those About to Shop: – International runway sensation Stacey McKenzie inspires aspiring models to be themselves.
  • Alice in Stilettos: – Interviewed brilliant 18 year old designer, Nathan Gerard!
  • Awakened Aesthetic: – How Green is Your Bamboo?
  • Bonne Vie: – At Bonne Vie, we talked about the impact of conscious spending on your wardrobe (and one girl’s journey to not buy “Made In China”)
  • Cafe Fashionista: – Style Secrets: Stormy Sophistication. A comprehensive guide for the girl who wants to remain fashionable even in the midst of a monsoon!
  • DailyDivaDish: – Vintage Broaches: 8 Unique ways to wear these treasures & more — includes many pics of different broaches & a DIY idea for reusing those with broken clasps.
  • dramatis personae: – Following Your Instincts…When Meeting New People, When Shopping, When at Work, and When in Love
  • Fashion Pulse Daily: – Ponders the significance of the C. Finley Wallpapered Dumpster Project
  • Gala Darling: – 2010 Style Direction: Psychadelic Ladies Who Lunch
  • girl friday : – DIY Ribbon Necklace & Bracelet. tutoirial on how to make your own ribbon necklace.
  • hello beauty! – In my post on Hello Beauty, I wrote about the new Bobbi Brown campaign. She’s using friends – not models.
  • Idee Fixe: – Fashion and the arts charities supporting Haitian Relief on Idee Fixe
  • In Life & In Fashion: – Make a “Most Coveted List” to avoid silly impulse spending! Includes tip on how to create your own list and what is currently on mine!
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: – How to Create Your Media Kit
  • kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS: – My exclusive interview with Inbar Spector, an Israeli London-based designer whose renowned avant garde Bjork-inspired designs have been worn by celebrities such as Rihanna.
  • Model Max: – A special report on the history of male modeling – from the 1980s to the present time, with short profiles of selected male models who remain successful even after modeling.
  • Oranges and Apples: – Top tips for organising your wardrobe
  • Retro Chick – The 4 things I’ve always wanted but never owned
  • THE COVETED – Marion Cotillard and Franz Ferdinand team up for Dior
  • the fashionate traveller: – the rock/burlesque/voodoo vibe that is alternative Sydney label Baroque & Roll.
  • White Rabbit: – Introducing Sorcha Gillet, the Irish born textile designer and blogger.

Walk This Way Workshop

By Laura Connell · January 19, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Thanks to advice from Retro Chick in the UK, For Those About To Shop has been accredited at London Fashion Week! Stay posted for news and images from the catwalks, exhibitions, and of course London street style. UK designer Alexander McQueen loves to push boundaries with his dramatic and often controversial showcases. Perhaps that's why in the past he has chosen Toronto model Stacey McKenzie to walk for him. Although she has also walked for Gaulthier and Lacroix, her unconventional appeal made the path to those runways a challenging one.

Stacey was inspired to pursue modelling at age 6 after seeing a picture of Jean Paul Gaultier and Madonna together. Her reasoning: if that odd pair can make it, surely I can! In a full circle moment, Gaultier wound up giving Stacey her big break in Paris, hiring her to walk his runway right behind Madonna! Before that moment, however, Stacey suffered countless hurtful rejections and felt very alone while pursuing her dream. Walk This Way Workshops is Stacey's effort to help other girls and women on their way to a successful modelling career. "I promised I would use all my expertise and advice to help model hopefuls make it to the next level. That's where this workshop comes from," she said at Toronto's Spoke Club this weekend, after being introduced by Bustle designer and Project Runway Canada judge, Shawn Hewson, whose runway she walked at Toronto Fashion Week. Evan Biddell, winning designer of the first Project Runway Canada competition made an appearance for the Owning You walk off contest.

Alannah Verneuil won her spot in the workshop after entering a contest in Verve Girl magazine on why she deserves the opportunity to learn from Stacey. At 5'1" she fears height may be an impediment to her career. She no doubt benefitted from Stacey's assuring words: "You have to find your niche. Technically, anybody could be a model." Stacey presented examples of various genres of modelling include high fashion, plus size, commercial, body parts (hands and feet, for instance) and lingerie. High fashion is the typical tall, skinny model, but Stacey was adamant that it is only one small avenue into modelling and to never force yourself to embody those proportions if they are not naturally yours:

"If you don't meet the requirements," she said, "but you have great legs, great hair, gorgeous hands, you could do body parts modelling. If all else fails," she joked, "get into body parts modelling! You could make some good money."

Cory, a successful model agent, warned against irresponsible agents who tell you to lose weight. "We don't tell people to lose weight. If you're naturally meant to be a (high fashion) model, great; if you're not, don't fight it." Stacey responded: "Find another niche; find another avenue."

Fashion photographer David Hou explained: "When people talk about beauty, there is a preconception that it is a certain look, but really it is about who you are, being natural. Don't try to be other people." Stacey added: "The camera doesn't lie. There are a lot of beautiful people walking around but they're not models because they're not photogenic."

The message of the day was: Take nothing personally! Stacey: "Modelling is a cut-throat business so it's important to love and OWN who you are. People are going to tell you you're not pretty enough, skinny enough, tall enough, and it's easy to get lost in all the negativity. You can't take the rejections personally. You can't let it stop you from doing what you want to do."